Sublease at 62Nd & 3Rd Ave NW
62nd & 3rd Ave NW, Seattle WA 98107
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Available: 1/1/2018 - 1/1/2019
Seeking: Can be male or female.
ListingID: 73124
Property: Apartment Building
Last Updated: 12/11/2017
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The building is a fourplex and the apt is a 2 bedroom. I am looking for a roommate. Checkout listing / photo's here:

I'm looking for a roommate to share a 2 bedroom apt in Ballard bordering Phinney Ridge with me and my big goofy senior dog. The apt is on the second floor and is spacious, clean and cozy with a great view of Ballard and the Olympics. The available bedroom is unfurnished, has two large closets, a large window and is approximately 16' x 13'. There is room for only one person (I can't have a mom/child, couple, or pair of friends move into the room). The photo's attached are a little dark but give a general idea of the space. The bedroom will be empty in a week or two and freshly repainted. One wall of each bedroom is all closets which provides a lot of storage. There is an open yard and also a large patio with a barbecue. In years past I've had a garden in the backyard. We are near a few different bus lines: 5, 44, 46, 28 are the ones that first come to mind but there are more. I'm open to another pet in the household and my dog is a big love hound, she has been living with a cat for over a year and they get along great. It's pretty quiet here, the neighbors are great, the landlord is a sweetheart and there are also laundry facilities in the building. I'm looking for someone respectful, kind, clean, responsible, drama-free and who is an animal lover. This is a smoke free home but it is okay to smoke on the patio or in the yard. I am open to changing the furniture in the shared spaces, whatever works best. The rent is $895 a month plus a flat $145 a month for the cost of electricity/heat, water/sewer/garbage and cable/wireless. A deposit of $895 is required. It's a great area near Fremont/Phinney/Greenlake/Wallingford/Greenwood. Our current roommate has lived here for over 3 years and just finished her PhD. We've had a great balance but she and her sweet cat are now moving out to live with her partner. The room will be available by Jan 1st. If you are interested feel free to get in touch and send me some info about yourself.
Existing Tenants
Existing tenant/s is a faculty/staff at UW. All existing tenants are female. Existing tenant/s speak English. Existing pets: One sweet 12 yr old yellow lab
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I prefer to have someone stay for awhile but it is currently month to month. The other roommates I've had here have usually stayed for 1.5-3yrs but I am flexible, it is all about whether it is a good fit for both of us.
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Flat fee for cable/internet/electric/heat/water/se
$145 per month
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